Sentiment is our new solution that solves a problem that most businesses have, namely that they are only getting feedback from a minority of very happy and very unhappy customers. 

For most businesses feedback comes from what could politely be termed "professional cranks." These are people who look for things to complain about (in fact only 1 in 26 unhappy customers give feedback).

This means the owner works on and stresses about things that the majority of his customers don't care about. And neglects the things they do.

Sentiment changes that by making it easy for customers to give their opinion.

Getting Feedback

The reason customers don't give more feedback is because it takes time and and effort. Sentiment allows them to give their opinion with one tap on a screen.

You've probably seen the concept in airports sports stadiums and big businesses. We make this feasible for all businesses by allowing them to use tablets or phones. 

All you need is an internet connection and somewhere to place the device (an optional stand) and you can start to build a picture of how happy your customers really are. 

Simple Reporting.

Once you start gathering your customer sentiment you need to do something with it. Sentiment makes that easy too.

There are no portals to login to and no complicated charts and tables to decipher. Just a regular email that tells you how you're doing.

Our Customer Sentiment Rating gives you the highlight number. If it's high you can relax, but if it starts dropping you know to take action.

Sentiment makes it easy to track if you are focusing on the things that matter. It's designed to be flexible, simple and powerful. Give it a try today.