You want to provide the best service possible to your customers right? That both feels good and also encourages them to return more often. 

Sentiment can help you do this, save you time, reduce your stress, and increase your profits.

Provide Great Service

Every business tries to provide great service. But the difference between what the business think the customer wants and what the customer actually wants can be huge. Oracle found that while 60% of businesses think they're providing great service only 20% of their customers felt the same way.

That's a lot of time and effort spent by the business on the wrong things!

By allowing you to see how your customers feel Sentiment makes it possible for you to provide great service in the areas that matter.

Early Warning

Sentiment is the early warning system for your business. Most customer dissatisfaction is never recognised until it's too late. And yet if spotted early the big problem can be stopped when it's a minor annoyance. 

By gathering ongoing feedback from the majority of customers who you would never otherwise hear from - and putting it in an easy to understand form - Sentiment alerts you to potential problems when they're still small.

If you see your Sentiment Rating drop you can take action to discover what the cause of the issue is and fix it.

Saving Time

By focusing on the areas that matter to 90% of your customers rather than just the 2% that complain you use your time more wisely. Now you can work on the stuff that makes a difference.

Higher Profits

Having happy customers leads directly to higher profits. It's much easier to convince a happy customer to purchase something else than it is to get a new customer. And they also tend to make higher-value purchases. 

So you take in more money and you spend less on advertising.

Greater Resilience

Happy customers are the core of a business. They give you a strong foundation when times are hard. And they also tell others about you, bringing in more customers as well.

Lower Stress

When you know your business is humming along, that you're working on things that actually make a difference and don't have to worry about the complaints, when you have the system that you know will warn you when things start to go wrong, you can relax and enjoy your business.