Paddle is the partner we use to manage the billing for us. It's a big and complex thing to do, especially managing taxes such as VAT across the world. 

As a result we've selected Paddle to simplify this for us. 

Merchant Of Record

Paddle is what's referred to as the Merchant Of Record for Sentiment which is a fancy name for a reseller. What it means is that we sell the subscription to Paddle who in turn sell it to you. They are then responsible for calculating the taxes around the world, collecting them, and paying the different governments.

You can see why it's so attractive to us.

What Does It Mean For You?

Your credit card will be charged by Paddle. Your statement will be something like PADDLE * SENTIMENT.

It also means you don't have a contract with us. But obviously it wouldn't really make sense for Paddle to be the point of contact for technical issues since they would simply refer them on to us. There's no point in having an extra layer.

So you should continue to contact us for any issues. If it ends up relating to some technical issues that falls under Paddle's field of expertise we'll contact them for you.