The effort and detail you go to in promoting Sentiment is up to you.  One important thing to bear in mind however is that this is not a hard-sell service. 

The business owner is probably aware of the general idea behind Sentiment and may have seen it in competitors or places like airports. So you don't need to get into huge detail or try to sell them on the idea. Just let them know about us and the fact that we offer a 30-day free trial.

That trial is mandatory as we want satisfied customers. Once they take the trial they will be tagged as coming from you and any later subscription will be credited to you. So a ll you need to do is let them know we exist and encourage them to try us out for free.

Should You Tell Them You're An Affiliate?

Absolutely. Any relationship is built on trust and hiding your relationship will only create suspicion if they later find out. And they do not pay any extra, the affiliate commission is being paid from us. 

In fact for some situations this can be an advantage as they can both support you and get a valuable business service.

Methods Of Promotion

This can be as light-touch or detailed as you feel is best. 

  • Maybe you just want to tell the businesses you frequent often. Then all you need to do is start a conversation and write down your link for them.
  • For a slightly more formal approach you could print up flyers or business cards with some information and the link. This might work better if you're approaching large numbers of business.
  • If you have a blog or a big following on social media you can post there. 
  • A club or charity can combine this with their regular fundraising 

The options are varied and you need to decide if this is a casual way to earn more income or something more serious. The key though is to remember that you're helping the business and not forcing them into an immediate sale.

Simple Information