Non-profits such as charities, community associations and sports clubs often have a lot of trouble with generating ongoing revenue. They tend to rely on irregular donations which can make planning very hard.

The Sentiment Affiliate program is a great solution for organisations like these because they can generate that ongoing revenue over a full 10 years, all based on a single fundraising program that also helps local businesses.

And there's no hard-sell involved. You simply inform them about the service and they get to try it out for 30 days before deciding if it suits them.

The Benefits

  • The benefits to the organisation and to the businesses are numerous...
  • The business gets an easy way to monitor their customers feelings and get alerted if this drops.
  • The business also gets to say they support the organisation
  • There is no additional cost to them
  • The organisation helps the businesses
  • The organisation gets a regular revenue stream for 10 years
  • The organisation builds links with business owners

How To Implement The Affiliate Program?

When the organisation signs up they will get a unique link. All you need to do is tell the business owner about Sentiment and get them to use your link to take a 30-day trial. They can then decide themselves if it is working for them.

Getting Membership Involved

As with a standard fundraising it is a good idea to get the membership involved. They can reach out to the businesses and let them know about the program and the benefits it brings. 

Arrange to print flyers with the basic information and your link. Then arrange the membership to reach out either casually to businesses they know, or in a more structured manner to cover a wide area.


While Sentiment itself is a benefit to the business you can go farther by adding in extra benefits. One big benefit is to be seen as a supporter of the organisation. Print window stickers that say "A Proud Supporter Of" your organisation. 

Explain to the business that they pay no more than they otherwise would and you get a donation as a result. As a recognition of this they will receive the window sticker and mention in newsletters etc. 

This is a powerful additional incentive.

Keep In Touch

You will receive 20% of each businesses subscription fee every month for ten years. This is as long as they remain a subscriber. For privacy reasons we cannot let you know which businesses remain subscribers and which cancel. It is a good idea to visit each on a periodic basis and check in with them.

Potential Revenue

The majority of businesses find our basic 6K plan is enough for them. This is charged at €27/$29.99 and generates €5.40/$6 in affiliate commissions per month per premises.

The next most popular is the 18k plan which generates €14/$16 per month in commissions.

If your organisation gets 150 businesses to take a trial, and 100 sign up, split 70/30 between the cheaper and more expensive plans this is €798/$900 per month. That's €7,980/$9,000 over 10 years.

And for many businesses a 2nd or even 3rd account is desirable. For instance a hotel may want to gauge customer sentiment in the bar, restaurant, spa etc.

Of course you don't have to generate this all in one project. You can slowly build over time.

Additional Revenues

In addition to the affiliate commission there is also the possibility for ancillary revenues. For instance you could find a sponsor who's logo would be on each window sticker.


The need for ongoing revenue to balance out the uncertainties of donations is acute. Sentiment provides a way to build this revenue in a way which helps the community.