One of the design decisions in making Sentiment was to make it easy to use and remove stress from your life. This means no real-time statistics. Instead we calculate a monthly report which we email to you.

The big problem with real-time statistics is twofold...

1. If the data is cumulative then as the numbers grow bigger each individual result has reduced effect. Tracking this has no meaning.

2. If we reset periodically then the opposite is true and each result makes a big difference. Tracking the result at this stage is also meaningless.

Our approach then is to track the results on a schedule. We default to monthly since, for the majority of clients, this gathers enough data to make sense and also has the benefit of allowing comparison with similar months. Where appropriate of course we can change this to weekly or even daily.

And because you don't need to login to anything you won't be getting misled by numbers that don't mean anything. Your stress levels will be better too 😀