The customer sentiment rating is an indicator that allows you to easily assess your customer satisfaction for a month and compare your performance over time.

The rating will be sent to you in your regular report.

What The Rating Means

The performance is colour-coded to give you an indication of how you are doing...

Red: This is a bad performance and you need to take action. It shows for all ratings below 60%

Orange: Given for ratings between 61% and 85%. This means the majority of people have given you a good or ok rating. But this is a fickle rating and the people are susceptible to moving to competitors.

Green: Green signifies a rating of 85% or more. You're doing a good job. Obviously the higher the rating the better.

How It's Calculated

When a customer gives a response it is given a numerical value. A terrible rating gets -1, an OK get 0, and Excellent gets +1.

We then simply add the total for the month and divide by the total number of responses. Then we add 1 and multiply by 50.

This translates the rating to a range between 0 (everyone has given a Terrible) and 100 (everyone has given an excellent). If everyone gives you an OK your ranking is 50%

The Customer Sentiment Rating is a guide. We calculate it over a set period so that there is enough data that an anomalous result does not have much effect. However you should always check the number of responses before jumping to any conclusions. As long as they are about the same rate as previous periods you can use the rating as a good comparison. If the number of results changes significantly however (especially downward) be cautious.