You can use one Sentiment account in as many locations and on as many terminals as you need.

Because it is a web-based system all you need is to access it on a suitable phone or tablet which has internet connection.

Each account is a discrete "premises."

This means that all the data collected from one account will be combined together. 

You may want to consider separate accounts in the following situations...

1. If you have multiple premises it is advisable to understand the customer sentiment in each. This way you can identify individual issues with staff, cleanliness or other area of concern.

2. If you want to track individual areas of a premises. For instance you a hotel might separate out the feedback from the bar and the spa. Or a restaurant might want to have a picture of the customer feeling towards their dining experience and the toilets.

3. If you want to assess the performance of individual staff members, teams or shifts you would be best served by having a unique account for each. This might be in restaurants, or if you have staff going to meet people such as plumbers.

As always if you're new to Sentiment try it out with one account first and feel free to contact us to discuss the best configuration.